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Rockstar Tattoo & Co. is the upscale tattoo shop you’ve been looking for in Milwaukee. Our team work to give every client the Rockstar treatment from the moment you call us or walk through our tattoo shop doors! Our professional tattoo artists create tattoos from anything that inspires you. Whether you need an old tattoo re-worked or are looking to make a personal statement with a new tattoo you need help bringing to life, we’re the tattoo team you need.

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2707 S. 108TH ST.

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At Rockstar Tattoo & Co. we only bring on and work with the most talented, professional tattoo artists out there. Our tattoo artists are experienced and incredibly talented people who believe that tattooing is more than a piece of art, it’s a lifestyle.

Want to see the various types of tattoos our artists can design for you? Check out our tattoo artists’ portfolios now. No matter the design, no matter the size, let our artists give you the Rockstar treatment today!

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The Rockstar Brand goes far beyond the sign on the shop. Rockstar Tattoo & Co. is our lifestyle. It just so happens our friends think it’s pretty cool too.. And by our friends we mean pretty much everyone!

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The Best Skull Tattoos from Rockstar Tattoo

We’ve done a lot of skull tattoos here at Rockstar. They’re an often-requested theme, but that’s not to say any two skull tattoos are exactly the same. Every customer brings their own unique vision to the table and we’re fortunate to have so many talented tattoo artists to put their own artistic spin on every

Custom Tattoo Designs by Rockstar Tattoo & Co.

Founded in 2009, Rockstar Tattoo & Company set out to raise the bar for tattoo shops in Milwaukee and over the last 8 years, we’ve given thousands of clients the Rockstar treatment. From the upscale design of our shop to the incredibly talented team of tattoo artists, everything at Rockstar Tattoo is top notch. And

History of Tattooing

For more than 8,000 years, cultures from all over the world have used tattoos to symbolize social status, to mark a new chapter in their lives or express something about their character or how they want to be seen. The oldest example of tattooed human skin was found on a mummy in 1991, named Otzi






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