History of Tattooing

For more than 8,000 years, cultures from all over the world have used tattoos to symbolize social status, to mark a new chapter in their lives or express something about their character or how they want to be seen. The oldest example of tattooed human skin was found on a mummy in 1991, named Otzi or “Iceman”, that dates between 3370 and 3100 BC. Iceman had more than 50 tattoos covering his body and though archeologists could no longer tell what the tattoos were, we do know they were likely used to identify the tribe he was a member of.

Iceman’s tattoos would have been very common for the time. Tribes and cultures for thousands of years have used tattoos to indicate tribal loyalty. Maori warriors went as far as to tattoo their faces to indicate loyal, social rank and bravery. The trend through all of the cultures and nations that used tattoos is the innate need we have to express ourselves and take ownership of our own bodies. Tattoos continue to be the only way to say something visually and permanently about who you are without ever saying a word.

It might feel like we’re worlds apart from our early tattooed friends, but the instinct to permanently mark where you’re from, who you care about or what you care about is exactly what brings so many people into Rockstar Tattoo & Company’s Milwaukee tattoo shop. Everyone who is tattooed at our tattoo shop is looking for a way to tell a part of their story and our team does an incredible job of helping them do that. We tattoo everything from traditional style roses, crosses and pin-ups to realistic portraits at our tattoo shop and we can’t get enough. No matter the size or the story behind it, our team of tattoo artists know every tattoo is important to the person wearing it.

Afterall, look at Iceman.

While we may never know a lot about his life or the ancient battles he fought, we do know, even 5,000 years later, that Iceman belonged somewhere. Long after we’re able to tell our stories, our tattoos will continue to speak for themselves. What do your tattoos say?

Rockstar Tattoo & Company has been voted one of the best tattoo shops in Milwaukee because our artists know how to tattoo pieces that last, look great and tell your story the way you want to tell it. Contact our team to request a consultation for your next tattoo today.


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