Custom Tattoo Designs by Rockstar Tattoo & Co.

Founded in 2009, Rockstar Tattoo & Company set out to raise the bar for tattoo shops in Milwaukee and over the last 8 years, we’ve given thousands of clients the Rockstar treatment. From the upscale design of our shop to the incredibly talented team of tattoo artists, everything at Rockstar Tattoo is top notch. And we’re here to answer any of your questions about our tattoo shop, our tattoo artists, tattooing trends, Milwaukee tattoos and more. Let’s start with one of the most common questions we receive:

“Does Rockstar Tattoo & Company draw and tattoo custom pieces?”

At Rockstar Tattoo, we treat everyone who walks through our tattoo shop doors like (you guessed it!) a Rockstar. That means our tattoo artists will do everything they can to give you a professional, laid back and awesome experience in our Milwaukee tattoo shop. Whether you’d like a traditional pin-up, old-school rose, swallow and sparrow tattoo or have a more modern tattoo in mind, our tattoo artists can bring your idea to life.

Looking for a fully custom tattoo design? Give us a call and let’s chat. Our artists can take an idea, portrait, quote/lyric or even a general theme and create you a custom, beautiful tattoo you can’t wait to show off. Thousands of customers over the years have trusted our team to deliver the best tattoos out there. Collectively, the Rockstar Tattoo and Company artists have over 70 years of combined tattooing experience.

We encourage you to see each of our tattoo artists’ portfolios on our website, Facebook, and Instagram to help decide which artist might be the best fit for your vision. Explore #RockstarTattooCo to see a list of our recent work and client reviews as you make your decision!

Whether it’s your first tattoo or you’ve lost track, our tattoo artists are the hardest working in Milwaukee. Our goal is to give you the best tattoo experience in Milwaukee in a shop that’s safe, stylish and kickass (if we do say so ourselves). For nearly 8 years, we’ve left our mark on the tattoo industry in Milwaukee. Contact our team today!


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