Rockstar Tattoo & Company delivers the best tattooing experience in Milwuakee. Our shop is clean, our tattoo artists are experienced professionals, and the Rockstar treatment is legendary. Read through common tattoo questions below to get to know our shop. Everything from the cost of our services to the types of tattoos we work on and the types of payments we accept are all answered below Have questions about Rockstar Tattoo & Company? Contact us

Q:  Do you offer piercings are your tattoo shop in Milwaukee?
A:  No, we do not offer piercings at this time.

Q:  What is your tattoo shop minimum?
A:  Our shop’s minimum is $75.00 – Keep in mind this is a minimum for our work.

Q:  Do Rockstar Tattoo & Company artists work on finger tattoos? 
A:  This answer varies based on the tattoo design and the artist. If you have a tattoo in mind, please contact the shop to see which artists would be available to work on your finger tattoo. Keep in mind: We do not offer free touch-ups on those tattoos since healing is usually problematic.

Q:  How old do you need to be to get a tattoo? 
A:  Wisconsin’s state law requires you to be 18 years of age whether you have parental consent or not.

Q: What type of ID is required to get a tattoo?
A: At Rockstar Tattoo & Company we require one of the following: a state-issued driver’s license, a state-issued identification card, a passport, or military ID. You will be asked for one of the mentioned pieces of identification prior to starting your tattoo, please be prepared.

Q:  Can I get a white ink tattoo at Rockstar Tattoo & Company’s shop?
A: As a shop, we do not offer white ink tattoos. Our experienced artists understand that white ink tattoos do not look the same once they have healed. White ink tattoos are difficult to see once healed and many people end up coming back to have the white ink tattoos done over as you cannot see piece once it has healed on the skin.

Q:  Do tattoos hurt?
A:  They are discomforting, but the level of pain varies by person and placement of the tattoo.

Q:  Does Rockstar Tattoo offer temporary tattoos or henna tattoos?
A:  No, our Milwaukee tattoo shop does not offer temporary tattoos of any kind.

Q:  Do you take credit cards or checks? And, if so, what kind?
A:  At Rockstar Tattoo & Company we accept cash and credit cards. We currently accept Visa & Mastercard debit or credit cards. We do not accept checks of any kind.

Q: When can I go swimming after my tattoo is complete?
A:  Our tattoo artists advise waiting at least 2 weeks before any type of swimming while your tattoo is healing.

Q:  Do you do custom tattoos?
A:  Yes we do. The majority of the tattoos we do are custom drawn by our artists using any inspiration or styles that someone may bring in.

Q:  Typically, how long do tattoos take?
A:  Every tattoo and person is unique. How long a tattoo takes to complete depends on the overall size of the tattoo, amount of detail involved in its design, the location of the tattoo and the comfortability of the person receiving it. The best way to know how long your tattoo will take is to talk to one of our artists directly.

Q:  Do you have an hourly rate at Rockstar Tattoo & Company?
A:  We charge $150 an hour. Prices may vary depending on artist, design, the time needed, and difficulty of the tattoo.

Q:  Can I put my deposit on my credit card?
A:  No. All deposits must be cash. We do accept credit cards on the day of your tattoo appointment and we can then refund the cash deposit if needed. We accept Mastercard & Visa credit cards.

Q:  Can I bring my kids to the tattoo shop?
A:  No, for various reasons. Please keep this in mind on the day of your appointment.

Q:  Do you use new needles and is your tattoo shop clean?
A:  The cleanliness and safety of our tattoo shop is what makes us one of the best in the Milwaukee area. Be assured, after every tattoo needles are properly disposed of and never used again.

Q:  Can I get a price quote over the phone?
A:  No. There are too many variables to properly give a quote for a tattoo. Best bet is to call the shop and set up a consult with the artist you’re interested in working with to get an idea of the cost of your tattoo.

Q:  Do you do tattoo cover-ups?
A:  We do offer tattoo coverups. However, if our tattoo artists are not comfortable with the outcome of the tattoo cover up, due to the original piece, the idea we are covering, etc. we may decide to not offer a cover-up service. Contact us directly to learn more.

Q:  Can I get my tattoo deposit back?
A:  All deposits are non-refundable. There are no cancellations. If you cancel or miss your appointment you do forfeit the deposit. If you need to reschedule we can do so with a 48-hour advanced notice. Your deposit will then roll over to the new date. The deposit is to hold your appointment time, it is not for a drawing.

Q:  How booked out are the artists and how long do I need to wait for a tattoo appointment?
A:  This widely depends on the artist you want to work with and what you are
looking at having done. Please contact us directly to see what our tattoo wait times are.

Q:  Do you do face/hand/neck tattoos?
A:  Face/hand/neck tattoos vary by design, placement, and client per each
artist discretion.

Q:  How much are tattoos at Rockstar Tattoo & Company?
A:  Depends on the size, location, detail, and other various factors.

Q:  Will you do this exact tattoo someone else has?
A:  Out of respect for the person already wearing it and the artist who designed and tattooed it, we will not copy tattoos.

Q:  Will you work on or around a tattoo started by another artist?
A:  Yes, as long as it wasn’t started by an artist currently working at Rockstar, in which case working around it would still be fine.

Q:  Do you charge for touch-ups?
A:  Each artist will provide you with one free touch up in a 3 month period. However, this does exclude hands, feet, and neck areas unless otherwise instructed from your artist.  If the tattoo was done outside of our shop then we do charge for touching up the tattoo.

Q: Can I bring my friends or family?
A: We allow one person to sit with you while getting your tattoo, however our lobby is available for additional people to wait.






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