Our Tattoo Artists - Portfolio Ink

Each of our handpicked, experienced, and just all-around awesome, tattoo artists design, outline, shade, and color every piece they complete. Take a look through each of our tattoo artists’ portfolios to get a feel for the unique style and technique our artists offer. You’ll find a wide range of tattoos, including watercolor tattoos, celebrity or family portraits, religious tattoos and more in our artists’ portfolios.

Choose one of our artists that you feel is the right fit for your tattoo or if you can’t decide (because they’re all awesome!) give us a call and we’ll set up a time to talk through your tattoo idea and find the perfect artist for your vision.

Every tattoo is different. If you don’t see the exact tattoo you’ve got in mind below, don’t worry! Rockstar Tattoo & Company’s artists have more than 100 years of combined tattooing experience. That means no matter what type of tattoo you’ve got in mind, there’s a good chance we’ve done something similar or can pull from thousands of previous tattoos to help inspire your own custom piece.

We’re proud to have some of the best, most talented Milwaukee tattoo artists! Explore their work now!

If you have any questions visit our FAQ section for some quick answers.

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