I love tattooing for its rich history and the purity of the art form.
It gives me a chance to express myself as well as the person wearing it.

I have been tattooing since before the reality tattoo T.V.shows, when inside the shop was somewhat a mystery and tattooed people still had that tough image. I consider myself lucky to still be a part of the tattoo community.

The goal is to leave the client proud to show off their tattoo and enjoy the whole experience. Aside from the killer talent here at Rockstar, we have definitely raised the bar in customer service.

I do enjoy black and grey, but I prefer exaggerated color tattooing. Open to subject matter; but original and/or funny ideas take the cake. Remember, giving your tattooist minimal restrictions and allowing them more creative freedom and control gives you that “Bad Ass” tattoo that makes all your friends jealous.